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The Mastiff Club of America’s DNA Sub-Committee promotes the use of DNA to insure the integrity of our Mastiff pedigrees and to further the health of our Mastiffs. We encourage Mastiff breeders and owners to AKC DNA Profile all of their Mastiffs and to donate their blood for DNA banking which can be used for health research studies offered now and in the future.
CHIC DNA Repository: Mastiffs have two resources available for DNA banking to help with future health research studies and future DNA testing.  We can now donate our Mastiff’s DNA to the CHIC DNA Repository to be used in research studies. http://www.caninehealthinfo.org/dnabank.html OptiGen Long-Term DNA Storage:We can also store our Mastiff’s DNA with OptiGen for 10 years to be used as we wish for future health research studies and/or for future DNA tests as they become available to Mastiffs.  We encourage everyone participating in the CHIC DNA Repository to include your dog’s AKC DNA Profile number on the submission form!  http://www.optigen.com/opt9_about.html

DNA Statistics:
AKC DNA Profiling: There were 551 Mastiffs submitted for voluntary AKC DNA Profiles in 2009; to date a total of 4487 AKC DNA Profiles on Mastiffs have been submitted.CHIC DNA Repository: DNA from 40 Mastiffs were submitted in 2009; to date a total of 116 blood samples were submitted and donated to the CHIC DNA Repository.
Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) News

Instructions for updating the Health History information of dogs with DNA samples banked in the CHIC DNA Repository:  http://www.caninehealthinfo.org/CHIC is currently in the process of developing an online web-based application to allow owners to record any significant changes in the CHIC DNA Repository health history of their dogs that they have donated DNA samples on.  Until this online application is implemented, please email OFA with any significant health updates.  Please include your name and contact information along with your Mastiff’s name and health information in the body of the email, as well as what changes have been noted.  They are primarily looking for new disease diagnosis, as an example, a dog that had developed cancer, Cardiac Disease, or been diagnosed with hip dysplasia would all be updates that should be incorporated into the dog’s record.  They are also interested in the date of death and the reason of death when our dogs pass away. CHIC DNA Repository e-mails should be sent to: chic@offa.orgThe MCOA DNA Sub-Committee’s goals for this upcoming year will be to encourage more participation in CHIC DNA Repository and AKC DNA Profiling by educating Mastiff owners to understand the enormous potential of the future of DNA research in greatly reducing and hopefully eliminating some of the health problems and diseases that plague our breed.  We want this to be our legacy to future generations of Mastiffs.


DNA Interactive Site http://www.dnai.org/
Dolan DNA Learning Center http://www.dnalc.org/
DNA Online Education Websites http://www.dnalc.org/websites/

MCOA Health Committee DNA Contacts
DNA Sub-Committee Chair: Mary DeLisa (303) 929-5529 divinemastiffs@gmail.com 

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