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The MCOA invites all MCOA members to submit their comments or additional considerations to the Corresponding Secretary for publication on this web page which will be updated periodically.

The deadline for any additional comments is October 18th, 2014

MCOA Member Commentary Below To Be Updated Weekly

We already have a history of AKC suspension of breeding privileges for two major contributors to the breed, due to falsified pedigrees (record keeping).  To compel integrity in breeding in our breed, I am 100% in favor of DNA testing being required of participants in the Mastiff Club of America, Inc. Specialty Shows. My only caveat would be that only dogs 12 months and older be required to meet this ruling.  It would be fair, in my opinion, to take a position that any owner can get the testing done and have it on file within a 12 month period. If a breeder wants badly enough to do a false breeding they will get around the DNA testing.  But at least the parent club will have taken a step towards maintaining honesty in the pedigrees.  dee dee  Anderson Storm Mastiffs

The validity of virtually all Mastiff pedigrees is easily shown to be false. The y-chromosome DNA of all Mastiffs should be identical, or displaying only minute mutations, because pedigrees indicate that every living male Mastiff has an all-male line of descent from a single dog, Eng. Ch. Crown Prince, born in 1880. (Details available from me The y-chromosome is the only chromosome which is passed intact down a male line, and is used for testing male parentage. Since there is not actually just a single identical male Mastiff y-chromosome in all our dogs, all male Mastiffs with a y-chromosome different to that of Crown Prince actually have an incorrect pedigree, with a dog in their all-male line not as stated in the pedigree, and by no means guaranteed to be a Mastiff.My point is that "foreigners" have been introduced clandestinely or inadvertently between 1880 and now, but that doesn't disqualify many of our dogs as non-Mastiffs, it just means that every pedigree is unreliable. David Collinson (Massoluv)

I have no idea why anyone would FIGHT AGAINST a DNA test. To all of you breeders out there who are so against it, what do you have to hide? Are you afraid of the truth; like, "oops wrong daddy" and that your pedigrees are going to be worth nothing because your dogs are not purebred? All of you who are against DNA should be ashamed of yourself! Trying so damn hard to persuade others TO VOTE AGAINST THE MOST BASIC OF PRINCIPLES_ are the buyers of our puppies purchasing a purebred puppy or not??? After all, what are we if we are not purebred? Buyers out there, do not be fooled by this propaganda-Ask your breeder the biggest question of them all...ARE YOUR DOGS DNA TESTED TO PROVE THAT THIS PUPPY I AM BUYING FROM YOU IS TRULY PURE BRED? I challenge everyone out there to have your dogs DNA tested for parentage and every puppy buyer to ask for the testing or test for yourselves. And to that end I will MATCH HALF OF YOUR TEST COSTS...the first 50 puppy buyers whose breeders Do NOT TEST or WILL NOT TEST YOUR PUPPY, I will pay 1/2 of your DNA cheek swab test. In your service, CARLA SANCHEZ, SOUTHPORT MASTIFFS, Est. 1982 (Continued) My sole concern is to verify parentage by the .DNA test we currently have available to us. It is very simple. We do not claim that our current test does anything more... Keep it simple. Why do you guys, feel the need to bash all of us over and over with what DNA does not your argument will be that it does not cure hip dysphasia. We only ask that DNA verify parentage. That is it , now take it a step further, require that our MCOA National require that all mastiffs entered have a DNA NUMBER. Again, simple. But you people see something sinister in this requirement.The requirement is not designed to keep dog out; it is , in my opinion a simple request. If your dog does not have a number, a temporary number is available. As breeders , as breeders who stand by our pedigrees we should all be happy to join in and happily DNA! Again, this will be my practice here at Southport Mastiffs. It encourages me not to forget my girls!! Thank u all for reading the papers presented to you on the subject of DNA TESTING FOR PARENTAGE. But after all is comes down to a very simple fact: the puppy u purchased is or is not backed by DNA tested parents. Your breeder is willing to back that 4 generation pedigree or not...I am a person who can be organized but , this old practice happens less and less lately. So let's say we are all procrastinators - we are scatter brains. We are going to the national but crap we have not DNA 'd our dogs! What ever do we do?  May I suggest that we offer to have the Cheek swab available for just this occasion. In lieu of a DNA NUMBER you agree to have your dog DNA TESTED at the show . This is my personal suggestion . I am not a member of either committee... Merely offering a suggestion. Thank you


From the time DNA testing was voted, in, I thought it was a bad idea.  To me, the message I took away was the members of MCOA were not to be trusted and DNA testing was the way to ensure that it's club members were presenting who they said they were. Our  club should in no way be a "Nanny " club.  In the end, it only serves to lose more than gain.  We have a COE which should serve as the ethical guideline to it's members. Enough said, just my 2 cents. Gail Marschak Member in good standing for more years than I can remember. :-)


MCOA DNA Parentage Issue – My perspective as a Breeder and Owner of Purebred dogs

Currently there is much debate ongoing in the Mastiff Club of America regarding the motion set in place during the general membership meeting in Crystal Lake National where a small population of membership, basically 10% of the membership, voted on this motion as it was a hot topic with AKC at that time.  At this meeting, it was determined that ALL ENTRIES into the Mastiff Club of America would be REQUIRED to have the AKC DNA Parentage Test before entries be allowed into the MCOA National Specialty.  Since that time, each year, there is a huge debate as to why this requirement is needed simply to ENTER the national specialty.  In my 25 plus years as an MCOA member, I have only heard of two litters that were identified by breeders or new owners where the parents of the puppies sold or bred, were not the true parents.  TWO TIMES.  I imagine there have been more, but certainly not to the extent that it is being led to believe.  Both times that I know of were from big breeders who had multiple litters at the same time who, hopefully, did not do it on purpose.  I can only believe they had ethical beliefs and it was a mistake on their part.

As a member of MCOA who originally voted for this DNA Parentage Test REQUIREMENT, I have gained MORE knowledge of this “Whose Your Daddy” DNA test and believe that we as a group were rushed into this REQUIREMENT for ENTRY into the MCOA National Specialty.  I also believe that when something as important as this is being discussed and voted on that the ENTIRE membership should have the right to make an informed decision and that the ENTIRE membership have the right to vote on these issues, not merely the 10% or possibly 15% that attend the annual General Membership meeting where this motion was acted upon. As an MCOA member, I feel that this requirement should have been added as a REQUIREMENT in our Code of  ETHICS for our breeding programs.  This  would help ensure our pedigrees are as correct as they can possibly be.  NOT as a REQUIREMENT FOR ENTRY INTO A DOG SHOW, especially the MCOA National Specialty show.

Some people seem to think people aren’t DNA’ing their Mastiffs because of a measly $40-$50 test and some are even willing to pay to have YOUR dog tested, but that ISN’T the issue here.  It’s not about the $$$$ for the TEST.  That cost is the least of their expenses if they are raising their Mastiffs correctly.  If AKC felt that this DNA Parentage Test was such an important part of our show dogs, AKC would have made it mandatory for entry into any show.  ANY Show.  I believe that we all know where we will cast our vote for the upcoming vote.  I also feel that having this important issue going to the entire membership for a vote is very important.  It keeps them all involved, not just those who can attend a show in a far away location.

I, for one, will be voting NO that this AKC DNA Parentage Test should NOT BE A REQUIREMENT for ENTRY into the MCOA National dog show. 

I, for one, will be asking the ethics committee to put this AKC DNA Parentage Test where it belongs, into our breeding program testing.  This “whose your daddy” test can’t really even tell you if your dog is a MASTIFF or Great Dane. 

I DO DNA Testing for Health as well as “Whose Your Daddy” for all my breeds of dogs, but NOT JUST to enter a dog show.THANKS For Listening.  Linda Cain – Concerned MCOA Member


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