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The Mastiff Club of America proudly congratulates the winner of the 2014 Orthopedic Foundation For Animals Mastiff Club Of America Champion Of Health Award

BIS Intl. Can. Am. Bronze GCH. Rainy Days Eight Second Ride TT CGC TDI


COWBOY is owned by Tim and Susan Pearson
Registration Number:  WS28061601 

Date of Birth:  October 16, 2008

CHIC number:   77613
OFA Number Hips: MF-8238G37M-VPI
OFA Number Elbows: MF-EL4816M37-VPI
OFA Number Cardiac: MF-CA2023/15M/C-VPI

OFA Number Thyroid: MF-TH1300/40M-VPI

OFA Number Patella: MF-PA2037/19M/P-VP

OFA Number PRA:  MF-PRA1249/40M-VPI


OFA Number CERF: F-3671

DNA Data Bank: MF-DNA-136/B

UPenn Cystinuria Urine Negative

UPenn Cystinuria DNA 1-1 (Normal/Clear)
Cornell U von Willebrand Normal (vWF:ag 121%)

Cowboy's Accomplishments

2009  2011

      Graduated Puppy Obedience 101

Awarded AKC Champion
Graduated Puppy Obedience 102 Awarded AKC Grand Champion
Awarded AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Awarded CHIC
  Awarded Group Third at Richland Kennel Club

      Awarded 7 AKC Best of Breeds



Awarded MCOA Gold Health Award AKC top 15 Mastiff in all-breed
Awarded AKC Canine Good Citizen title Awarded 14 AKC Best of Breeds
Awarded Therapy Dog International Top Ranked Brindle for 2012, all systems
Awarded Temperament Test Awarded Canadian Champion
Awarded Group First at Gig Harbor Kennel Club Awarded International Champion
Awarded Group Fourth at Gig Harbor Kennel Club Awarded BIS at 2012 Evergreen State Winter Sieger
Awarded Group Fourth at Richland Kennel Club AKC top 20 Mastiff in breed

Made the cut for the top 12 in BOB at MCOA Nationals

Awarded Bronze Grand Champion Awarded 13 AKC Best of Breeds
Awarded Group Fourth at Seattle Kennel Club AKC Top 14 Mastiff in all-breed
Awarded Group Fourth at Nisqually Kennel Club

AKC top 20 Mastiff in Grand Champion Points

Awarded Group Second at Nisqually Kennel Club AKC Top 21 Mastiff in breed
Awarded BOS at PNMF MCOA Designated Specialty

#2 Ranked Brindle for 2013, All Systems


Awarded 2nd MCOA Gold Health Award

       (Pending) Awarded Silver Grand Champion

We originally got Cowboy to be Tim's companion. At the time, we already lived with two Mastiffs, a girl that had gone blind from several inheritable eye diseases and a boy who had taken on the role of her seeing-eye companion. The two were inseparable. So we got Cowboy to be Tim's fun loving companion, and he fit the bill perfectly. Cowboy loves to act goofy, is always ready to play, and would rather be with Tim than anywhere else.

We knew that Cowboy came from great breeding, but we didn't realize just how well he would turn out. As he grew, we were asked often if we would show him. We knew nothing about showing dogs, it was never in our plans, and we didn't really consider it at first. It wasn't until he was two-and-half years-old that we decided to give it a try. We entered him in the Seattle Dog Show in the spring of 2011. Cowboy met his handler the morning of the show and ended up winning Best of Winners his first weekend out. He was a Champion before we could blink and a Grand Champion before the year was out.

Cowboy is handsome and he's healthy, but most importantly, he has a rock-steady temperament. He goes everywhere with Tim and nothing fazes him. He loves meeting new people. He welcomes those that run up to pet and hug him. When others stand back apprehensively, he gently walks over to them, lowers his head, and leans into them. Cowboy truly believes that everyone should be his friend.

What is a Champion of Health?


Beginning with the 2006 MCOA National Specialty, the Mastiff Club of America, in conjunction with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals started recognizing Mastiffs which have received significant accomplishments in the ring, in the field, as working dogs, or as producers, AND that have the full complement of appropriate health testing (CHIC Certificate recipients) by issuing them a "Champion of Health Award"

These special Mastiffs have been recognized during the banquet award program at our nationals by receiving the "Champion of Health Award" along with an engraved silver medallion and a $100 donation in the dog's honor to the AKC CHF Mastiff Donor Advised Fund.
If your dog has a CHIC number and has recently celebrated a significant accomplishment at the national level, in the ring, in the field, as a working dog, or as a producer, he or she can be nominated for this exciting award.
Nominations will be made to the MCOA and forwarded to the OFA for their review. The OFA will make the final decision as to who will be awarded the annual "Champion of Health Award"! To submit your dog's name for consideration:

1. You must be a member of the Mastiff Club of America in good standing
2. Your Mastiff must have a CHIC number
3. You must have record of your Mastiff's accomplishments

When submitting a nomination please include the following:
1. Your name and contact information

2. Your Mastiff's full name and call name
3. AKC registration number and date of birth
4. CHIC number
5. Brief description of the accomplishment qualifying this Mastiff for nomination

Submit nominations to:

Laura Watson

MCOA - OFA CH of Health

28 Cresta Way

La Selva Beach, CA  95067

NOTE: Champion of Health Award Nominations must be submitted to the MCOA Health Award Chair by February 15 of each year

 Contact the webmaster below with your comments, suggestions or additions for the MCOA News page for presentation to the committee regarding inclusion on the website.