The MCOA Journal is a bi-annual publication which provides a variety of information specific to the English Mastiff breed. A typical issue may contain articles about Mastiff health, Mastiff training, health research projects, etc.  For the person who enjoys competing with their Mastiffs, there are useful member articles on conformation and obedience competitions.  MCOA members are allowed to advertise in the journal and as a result there are numerous pictures of Mastiffs throughout the publication.

MCOA Journal Ad Information and Rates

Advertising Dogs and Kennels is for MCOA Members and Associate Members in good standing only. All ads should be requested by submitting a completed MCOA Journal advertisement for to the editor, Maria Ruoto ( All dogs advertised must be solely owned, co-owned or bred by MCOA members or Associate members in good standing.

Breeders advertising a dog they bred that is owned by a person that is NOT an MCOA member, must have written permission to do so from the dog’s owner. Advertisements of this nature may NOT be litter announcements and are subject to the approval of the editor.

Advertisements placed by MCOA Associate Members must include the footnote: “MCOA Associate Member.” Please advise the editor if you are advertising as an Associate Member and welcome aboard!

All owners must be included for dogs advertised. Names of non-member owners must be indicated on Member/Associate Member ads, but the kennel names, addresses, phone numbers; e-mail addresses of non-members cannot be included.

All advertising rates listed below, include the placement of ONE photo on the ad (must be provided at 300 dpi). Extra photos may be included at the additional cost of $12.00 each. If you are submitting your own ad (not having the Journal team design), there is no additional cost for extra pictures.

Please contact the editor for availability of the front cover, inside covers, back cover, and inside back covers.

Front Cover: $350 No Longer Available
Inside Front Covers: $225 Inquire for Availability
Back Cover: $275 Inquire for Availability
Inside Back Covers: $175 Inquire for Availability
2 Page Center Fold: $350 Inquire for Availability
** (Please contact the Journal editor for cover availability) **
One interior page with one photo "In Memoriam" Ad: $75 (+ $2.50 online fee)
One interior page with one photo MCOA Members: $125 (+ $3.00 online fee)
One Interior page with one photo (Commercial Ads): $150 (+ $3.00 online fee)
1/2 page with one photo: $75 (+ $2.00 online fee)
1/2 page with one photo (Commercial Ads): $100 (+$2.00 online fee)
Collar Award Winners 1/3 page with photo: N/C Contact Journal Editor
Hall of Fame/Working Dog title 1/3 page with photo: $35.00 (+ $1.50 online fee)
Additional photos: $12.00 each (+ $0.75 online fee per photo)
Breeders Directory: two insertions $30 (+ $1.50) or $20 (+ $1.00) per single insertion.
*NOT open to MCOA Associate Members.
Business Card Page Ad - $50 (+ $2.00) per year or $30 (+ $1.50) per issue Issue

The above rates also apply to ad pages without photos. Additional pictures $12.00 each

Free placements are available for the following:
Collar Award Winners 1/3 page with photo
Veteran ad – 1/2 page with photo

Artwork Requirements:
All ads should be requested by submitting a completed MCOA Journal advertisement form to the editor.
Digital photos must be scanned at 300 DPI. The photo file name must include the dog’s name. Pre-made ads will be accepted with no charge for additional photos.

Ad specifications are as follows: Trim: 8.5 x 11, Live print area: 8 x 10.5, Bleed: .125

The spelling of all names in Journal advertising is printed as submitted via the pdf advertisement order form. HANDWRITTEN AD COPY IS PROHIBITED.

Commercial Ads:
Commercial ads are defined in this magazine as any ad for a product or service, regardless of whether or not the advertiser is affiliated with the MCOA.

Awards Recognition Section:
Collar Awards - Hall of Fame and Working Dog Titles
All collar award winners are eligible for 1/3 page in this section at no charge. Owners are responsible for submitting all award ads and hall of fame ads.
Hall of Fame & Working Dogs ads are $35.

Reserving Ad Pages/Covers:
Ad pages and covers may be reserved by contacting the editor. They must be pre- paid online via the MCOA PayPal. Cover deposits are nonrefundable. If you are reserving a cover (front, back, exterior or interior) call the editor to find out which covers are available. To the best of our ability advertisements appear in the Journal in the order they are received. Please call the Editor if you need assistance with your ad.

MCOA Journal "Truth In Advertising" Health Testing Claims:
All claims of OFA, CERF or GDC certifications on any Mastiff advertised in the MCOA Journal must be accompanied by the corresponding permanent certification numbers written on the ad. Photocopies of permanent certifications are not needed. All OTHER health testing claims, such as “OFA PRELIM,” “thyroid normal” (non-OFA), “vWD clear” and other “certifications” can only be made in Journal advertising if the advertiser sends a copy of the laboratory report (not a veterinarian’s letter of opinion) with the ad as proof. Generic statements about a particular dog’s certifications and reports, such as “he passed all genetic tests” without further clarification will not be allowed.

Show Rank Claims:
All claims of show rank on any Mastiff advertised in the MCOA Journal will be accompanied by the “as of” date of the ranking (such as “#4 MCOA BOB (3rd qtr. ‘97),” due to the lag time between ranking, publishing and distribution. These claims will be verified by the Journal staff. The Journal will allow rankings published by other sources ONLY with accompanying written documentation, such as a photocopy of a standings page in a dog show magazine. This must be submitted with the ad.

Non-Show Certifications:
All claims of non-show certifications, such as CGC, TDI, TT, etc., must have supporting documentation submitted with the ad, such as a photocopy of the certificate (a copy of the TDI license is all that is needed for CGC/TDI). It is not necessary to submit any proof of AKC titles, Collar Awards, Hall of Fame induction or Working Dog titles; these can be verified by the Journal staff. The use of the Mastiff Standard in advertising copy is prohibited. These policies extend to the MCOA Breeders Directory, published in the Journal. The Editor reserves the right to remove or make changes to any claim that is incorrect, illegible, does not meet these guidelines or cannot be verified in a timely fashion. All advertisements are subject to review by the Journal staff. HOWEVER, it is the overall responsibility of the ADVERTISER to make sure that all claims are true and accurate.

Billing Policy:
All Advertisements will be paid in advance by PayPal or checks. Work will not begin on your ad until payment has been received. If the Checks are returned for non-payment, MCOA will charge an additional $25.00 returned check charge. Entries for MCOA National Specialties will not be accepted from individuals who are in arrears to MCOA.

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